Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Beautiful Saturday

On Saturday, I was sitting around the house, waiting for it to start raining, like the weather predicted. After an hour or so, I realized that the forecast was probably wrong as usual, and I went outside and started digging up the weeds in the area I plan to garden. It took me like, 4 hours just to clear out a little space. Whew that's hard work!
Most of our backyard is blanketed with little wild flowers. There are thousands of violets, and these little white blooms that smell like honey. I stopped digging for a while and picked a few for a bouquet. It brightens up the kitchen in the Stangl pitcher I bought at the antique show last week in New Hope.
(Psst... do you recognize these flowers in the new header I made for our page?)

4.26.08 Flowers 010

4.26.08 Flowers 032

4.26.08 Flowers 012

xoxo Rachel


Sharon said...

Hey Girls! What happened to May? I got left hanging on April 30th!!!

Potluck Crafters said...

We still exist!