Saturday, April 26, 2008

Broadway Day!

This week, both Sandra and our mother were on their spring breaks from school. They came into New York City on Thursday and stood in line at the TKTS booth to see what show they could get into that night. They picked Gypsie, and met me at 5 when I left work. We went for dinner near Times Square at a restaurant called Havanna Central, and then went to the show. It was really great! Sandra took a bunch of photos to share.

mom on escallater

Sandra and our mom went to Macy's

me and mom on escallater
Love their vintage escalators!

rachel in nyc
Meeting Rachel after work (can you spot me?)

me and rachel at dinner
At Havanna Central

Rachel had paella, it came in its own cute kettle!

sangria and mojitos
Cheers! Sangria and mojitos

mom and rachel at the show
Waiting in line outside the show

me and rachel in the show
Sandra and me in our seats... we got in trouble for taking photos!
See you tomorrow!
xoxo Rachel and Sandra

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Rachel said...

I love the Yo-Yos on mommy's jacket!