Saturday, April 11, 2009

"C" is for Cookie...and Car

Today was all about Cookies! I made some sugar cookies for Easter. I thought I made so many more than I really did; my broken back sure feels like it too. Hunching over and decorating cookies is not a good idea. I tend to ignore comfort when it comes to making things. I guess I get caught up in the moment and don't think about how my body will feel in a few hours. Here's a little sampling of the goodies...

On a sadder note, I said good bye to my Volvo yesterday and traded it in for a new car. I really loved the Volvo for some reason and I teared up a little as I walked away from it for the last time. This is the only car I ever saw on the road and felt like I really wanted one of my own. It was my dream car and unfortunately in its old age, repairs were going to cost more than it was worth. I know you have a lot more than 135,000 miles in you but I had to make an economical decision that had nothing to do with my heart. So good bye and thank you for keeping us safe and for hauling all those garage sale goodies and maybe you had something to do with me not getting a ticket for accidentally passing a school bus with the stop sign out that day.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Your Face, Diamond Stitch!

I have been trying to figure out how to do the Diamond Stitch on and off for a couple years now. I couldn't find any tutorials on line and I have no one to ask for help. I would revisit the pattern every so often with a fresh perspective but it just wouldn't come together. I searched for comparable patterns, like cables and cross stitches, but they just didn't compare to the Diamond Stitch. I finally conquered it and it feels great. A person can sit alone, count stitches, read and re-read directions for only so long before they become a little weird. I passed that point a long time ago. Here's a picture of my pride and joy.

I'm making a baby blanket for a friend; the pattern alternates panels of the Diamond Stitch and a Basket Weave Stitch. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I will be on Spring Break all next week so I can Diamond Stitch the days away!