Friday, September 5, 2008

School Days

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This is not a photo of me. This is how I feel already, after the first week of grad school. Man is there a lot of reading to do!!!

I'm taking a break at the library right now to get my nose out of the books for a moment and give my brain a rest. I'm taking four classes and they warned us that each class would demand about 8-10 hours of outside work per week. I thought they were kidding. They weren't!

Anyway, it's fun so far and I'm making new friends. I spent Labor Day at my friend's lake house again, and attempted to make this Zebra Cake that's been floating around all over the internet. Mine came out ok, but it was a little disappointing. I read on another site that the actual cake recipe wasn't that tasty, but I went ahead and used it anyway. This was true, there wasn't much flavor. I would make this again and use a different vanilla / chocolate cake recipe. My batter was also pretty thin. I assumed it was ok in order to get the rings to work correctly, but after a while they sort of melted together, and in the final product, the lines were so thin they had almost disappeared. On top of that, after 42 minutes in the oven, my cake was still a liquid mess. I left it in for an additional 15 minutes until a cake tester came out clean.

This recipe has huge potential. Not only does it have amazing serve-appeal (everyone says, "OOOH stripes!") but it'll also be super delicious if you make it with your favorite vanilla/chocolate cake recipes. I demand a do-over!

*edit: photos aren't on my laptop... oops! I'll post them when I get home.*

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