Monday, September 8, 2008

Jamin' Out

This morning I woke up and ate a peach from a basket we got from the farmer's market on Saturday. It was so delicious that my knees actually gave out a little underneath me. I finished breakfast and put on a huge pot of water to boil because I knew right then, these were the jam peaches I'd been waiting for.

Oh but this guy was in the bag. His nose was so cute, he got spared from the jam pot. He's for breakfast tomorrow instead.

Jam 001

My jam came out pretty delicious, it tastes just like those fruit nectars you can buy in cans at the grocery store. The only problem is that it didn't set well. It's thick enough, but you'll need a spoon instead of a knife to get it onto your toast. I'm not sure what my problem is, but this is the 3rd jam I've made that hasn't set up for me. I followed a recipe, and used pectin to help it along, but no luck. I need to read a little more about it to figure out where I'm going wrong.

Only 6 lovely peaches and I got these three jars, plus one that's only half filled so I didn't can it... just stuck it right into the fridge for right-away-eating!

Jam 003


Potluck Crafters said...

I think you should get out more if eating a peach makes you weak in the knees.

Potluck Crafters said...

But I do love your peach person. Its so cool what a few dots and lines can do!

Rachel said...

HEY simple pleasures are the best!