Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from Baltimore

Hi! Our Baltimore trip was full of fun, here are some highlight photos...

Me and Laur at lunch

Lauren and Allan at Camden Yards

Allan and Charl at the Aquarium

This is probably the tank with striped bass and blue fish. They are probably talking about fishing.

The weather was really beautiful and it was fun to be around tons of Yankee fans all over the city! The Yankees won Friday night and the game was full of exciting plays. Charlie and Allan shared hours of laughs discussing Family Guy episodes and me and Lauren enjoyed the peaceful hours that they had each other to talk to. We are really glad they guys get along so well and that we have one big happy family!

When we got home, we celebrated our parents' anniversary. Ryan was there for the weekend and we got to spend some time talking and playing with him. He's really into trucks, planes, big messes, etc. While out with Babcia, he saw a big dump truck and a huge pile of dirt. He was saying "dump truck" but without the "p" in dump and with an "f" instead of "tr" in truck. =0


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Shoshy said...

Great to see what you've been up too! Sounds like a fun end to the summer! We have to do dinner soon! August is already over and then its back to school for you so soon :(