Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Celebrating

Hi! My Birthday was yesterday but I'm still celebrating! Maybe that explains the insane look in my eye in these photos!?!?!?
Last night we went to Magic Fountain for ice cream and I opened a present from my parents that came in the mail. Its a jigsaw puzzle of all kinds of candy!

I got a fun package from Mami and Papi in Florida today, it was full of Polish Pottery.

I also got the first 3 seasons of 90210 on DVD from Charlie because I love that show. Its on Soap Net weekdays from 5-7 pm but now I can watch it from the beginning and get obsessed with it all over again.Theres still a present on the way from Charlie, I'll have it tomorrow! I'll still be celebrating tomorrow with my whole family...this is the best birthday ever. I love getting presents...can you tell??!?!?!?

Work has been crazy between Teen Arts at Bergen Community College and the Art Show at my school. I set up my room and even had a guest book for everyone to sign. I am impressed that no one tore down or scribbled on any of the artwork. Here are some pics of the rooms all set up.
I guess cinder block walls are cinder block walls no matter what you do! It looks a lot better in person! Well, thats enough about me...until tomorrow when I celebrate my birthday some more!

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