Saturday, June 7, 2008

Special Breakfast Treat

When I woke at 9am to the sound of clanging and clunking in the kitchen my first thought before my eyes opened was Jerry's in the pantry.

Jerry is our 3 legged bunny who lives in the kitchen.

She likes to get into things like an open cabinet, under things like the refrigerator or behind things like the we have to bunny proof the kitchen for her safety. Sometimes, Charlie leaves the pantry door open (I probably do too but I don't think so) and I worry that she will get electrocuted chewing on wires under the fridge. Today I could tell by the clanging and clunking she might be in the cabinet with our baking pans and dishes. I was relieved that no electrocution would be happening today.

When I opened my eyes and saw the shades were pulled shut on the windows I remembered a conversation Charlie and I had earlier in the week about Saturday morning. It seemed like we made the plans ages ago even though it was probably 2 or 3 days ago. Charlie wanted to sleep late and make breakfast. The pulled shades and the dark room reminded me of our plans and I stayed in bed for a while listening to the action in the kitchen. The clunking turned into clinking of measuring spoons and cups and whisking.

I finally got out of bed and found Charlie whipping up a batter for waffles. I helped clean up the kitchen a little and made some coffee. Charlie said he woke up around much for sleeping late! I could stay in bed for hours and doze and drift in and out of dreams; Charlie wakes right up and starts his day. I hope our kids inherit my sleeping abilities.

Charlie cut the recipe in half since it made 12 waffles, and ours came out larger since we have a Belgian waffle maker. So we got 3 waffles from his concoction and they were delicious with black berries mixed in. As I was taking my first bite, he let me know there was an entire stick of butter in the batter.
The recipe said the butter makes the waffles really delicious so...

I ate a third of a stick of butter this morning.

And Charlie ate two thirds.

I'm going to crochet now and then we are going to my parents house for the rest of the day. Lauren's there with Ryan, we're bringing Grandma and Allan and Dad will be there later after they get home from work. Rachel and Mom are there, of course, and they are going to a church garage sale now! I hate missing out on steals, deals and finds. Oh well!!

We are going out for dinner to the Skylark Diner in Edison. Its so fun and yummy!


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