Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aaahhhhh, Summer...

So I'm officially on Summer Vacation! My last day of school was Thursday; it was clean up day. Time to take down all the decorations and artwork I displayed throughout the year.

Here are some pictures of my classroom...




And here's a before and after of me and my first year teaching...

First Day of School September 2007

Last Day of School, June 2008

I spent the first day of summer gardening, crocheting, relaxing and ordering some stuff for my business, Potluck Designs. I have a new blanket up for sale on Etsy, it was inspired by daydreams of the bright, sunny days ahead! Check it out at!

Kitty and Jerry were enjoying each other's company in the kitchen so I took some pictures of them snuggling. Kitty has one blue and and one green eye so they glow different colors in photographs. Jerry likes to snuggle her head by Kitty's butt so I was lucky to snap the shot of them side by side, it's a rare gem!

Thats all for now!
Happy Summer and Kisses,

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Sharon said...

Happy Summer!!!!!!!!