Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crochet Projects Galore

My friend since childhood is having a baby boy, she's due in early December. We grew up together and when I think about our friendship, it seems like we were just playing board games, making prank calls and fighting with our moms about the clothes and makeup we wanted to wear. Now she's going to be a mom...

I bought a book about crochet edging on fleece and I gave it a try for her shower gift. I made a blanket, hat and mitten set. It came out cute and the technique was easy once I got the hang of punching holes in the fabric.

The fleece is so soft and snugly; I hope they get a lot of use out of the set.

I'm also working on something special for Potluck Designs. It's a copy of a blanket my mom's Aunt Alice made years ago. I love cross stitching the pictures onto the crochet blocks. I'm having fun copying Aunt Alice's design and adding my own touches.

Finally, soon to be for sale on etsy is a festive winter garland! It's so cheerful and perfect for this time of year. Mini hats, mittens and stars are strung from a snowy white crocheted strand. I just have to get the photos in order and it's ready to go.

Now that Rachel's in Grad School, we haven't spent much time together cooking and crafting. Hopefully we'll find the time to keep up with our blog, she spends most of her time reading. I, on the other hand, have no excuse!

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Sharon said...

Aghhh! I totally made the blog! I look like a big grey barrel next to Sanj!!!